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Ten to Midnight


Dedicated to bringing ethereal vibes to the LA airwaves, The Witching Hours will expose you to a diverse collection of new and local sounds, curated for the perfect flow no matter where you are listening from. Your weekly celestial journey consists of two hours of psych, shoe-gaze, and lo-fi goodies to send you sonically soaring.

The Witching Hours is further committed to exposing innovative and unique bands by hosting artists of all trades for a variety of discussions ranging from art conception and inspiration, to philosophy and ethos. It's a chance for listeners to experience the minds of these artists in an intimate setting, all the while enriching artist-audience interaction. The Witching Hours also records music live at the KXLU station; the live sessions are filmed and mixed, then premiered on air and online.

When not creating sonic spaces on the airwaves, The Witching Hours presents shows in local venues throughout LA featuring different artists, bands, projections and interactive art installations.


DJ Marina is also experienced in the following: Live Concert Photography, Event Promotion, Festival Production, Music Supervision (Film and TV), Graphic Collage, Sonic Collage (Vinyl)